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Hair Loss Awareness Month

Boss Skool Awareness

Throughout August, National Hair Loss Awareness Month gets to the root of an issue affecting both men and women. Hair loss affects approximately 56 million adults. While men are afflicted more than women, children are not immune.

When our hair looks good, we feel confident. Thinning hair is difficult to style, and the process of covering the thin spots causes frustration. We feel self-conscience. While it may seem vain, it’s not. Sometimes hair loss points to a medical condition or is the side effect of treatment. Looking our best is just one part of a bigger picture.

This is one of the reasons why I opened Boss Babe Wig Cleaners LLC to encourage all Boss Babes rather you have hair, no hair, wear units... You are BEAUTIFUL💜🦋


We will be contributing this month donations with a percentage of monthly sales charitable to 💛

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