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Happy New Year's Eve

Giving honor to God because without him I don't know where I'll be. Considering everything that went on in 2021 I can say it has been a blessing in disguise. We started on the app Barbmo the beginning of the year. Sales have increased this year which gave us the opportunity to start a donation program to give back to our community. Celebrated a year of being in business. Graduated with my degree in Business Management Administration. Interviewed by Voyage Dallas Magazine. Linked up with some beautiful like minded people who see my vision. Officially became a LLC. After losing so much hair I finally just cut it ALL off. Went the whole year without getting COVID19 until these last few days so I have been completely out of commission. To my supporters...I Thank You! Please continue to support because we are looking forward to doing big things🏁 Happy New Year's Eve, Be safe😷🍾🎉🍾🙏🏾💜🦋

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