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Hepatitis Testing Day

Boss Skool Awareness - May 19th is national Hepatitis Testing Day! Today we raise awareness about viral hepatitis and encourage people to know their status.

I've been suffering from liver issues for a few months now and it's a scary situation when you have both discoid and systemic lupus and knowing how it can effect your organs. I went through several test including hepatitis test. Results confirm I have a fatty liver but in process I've did a lot of research to find out about Lupus hepatitis. Lupus and some lupus medicines can cause hepatitis, or inflammation of the liver. Many people with hepatitis don't notice any symptoms, but some people have these symptoms: Fatigue (feeling tired) Jaundice (yellow skin or eyes) I only had extreme fatigue and I'm still exhausted beyond belief, yet still pushing. (I am paying close attention to my limits though) It is important to distinguish between AIH (Autoimmune hepatitis) and lupus hepatitis, as complications, prognosis and therapy are different. AIH more commonly leads to end-stage liver disease; SLE often leads to end-stage renal disease.💜🦋


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