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I can't express enough how grateful and truly blessed I feel right now. Everything is falling in place slowly but surely but patience is a virtue. As some might know I'm in process of expanding my business further and it's been nothing but blessings.  I was recently interviewed for the 4th time with a Dallas, TX. local magazine company, this time about my resilience and how I came to where I am in life now. My past do play a part of who I am today and I embrace that, proud to be the woman I am today because of my past. It has given me drive, learn to appreciate what most take for granted, and I strongly believe what you put out is what you get back. I thank you!🙏🏾 I thank the gorgeous models who allowed me to add to their beauty @mammaceh, @parisebone, @aniyawilliams__ any beauties I did not mention, and ones who support me and who will support me in the future. People aren't use to what is not a norm but I will soon become that norm with a splash of BOSS! It's time to sit at the table! Please check out my article and continue to support, it is greatly appreciated💜🦋💜🥳🥳🥳🥳🍾🥳🥳🥳🏁#bossbabewigcleaners #skyisnotthelimitbutjustthebeginning


We will be contributing month of September donations with a percentage of monthly sales charitable to @bloodcancer_uk

Contact Us: (469) 367-5524

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