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My name is Markeisha Samuel. I am the proud owner of Boss Bay Wig Cleaners LLC! I have systemic and discoid lupus. I have flare ups every now and then. I work through my flare-ups the best way possible. I am a person who loves dealing with natural remedies to help with my autoimmune disease. Suffering from an autoimmune disease I understand how devastating it can be to some and due to that I like to give back to those foundations that suffer from hair loss such as cancer and any hair loss diseases (alopecia, discoid lupus etc. This weekend is my birthday weekend and I look back on how far I have come not only as a person but also health wise. I can say I'm truly blessed and grateful to see another year. I will be 42yrs young and all I can say is...."GETCHI GETCHI GETCHI!" I would like to hear from my fellow boss babes your story; I love to relate to my customers so please feel free to share your story you never know who it might help. Thank you and have a blessed day 💜🦋

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